Fields of experience:

Web Development

My career for now. I am developing web applications with PHP and MySQL database (I use SQLite sometimes, and used Oracle in one of my applications). I have good knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, cURL, and XML.

I also written scripts to connect with external APIs like Twitter and Facebook. Also played a lot with Google Maps APIs.

I am trying my best to use OOP in all my applications, and I am reading about frameworks and Design Patterns, and I hope I’ll add them to my toolbox soon.

I use WordPress as CMS for websites and developed many plugins and widgets for it. Actually, Drupal is my next target.


My first contact with Linux was back at 2003, where I used Redhat 9, Mandriva, Fedora, and Redhat Enterprise 4 and 5. Linux installation for desktop and servers for work, and configuring Linux based servers like Apache, and Bind.

Since 21 Oct 2009, I started using Linux Kubuntu for my Laptop as the only operating system.

Domain Names and Hosting

Domain names registration, configuring DNS servers and zone records. Developing an application for domain name registration and automation of updating DNS records and whois server software. Also, installing, configuring, and administrating hosting solutions like Sun Cobalt and cPanel.

Mail Servers

The installation and administration of IPswitch IMail server, and sendmail gateway agent.


University courses for Fortran, C, Assembly, and JAVA Languages. Later, learned VB 6, ASP, vb.net 2003 through 2008, Linux scripting, and PERL.