about.ly: Everything about ly domains

Finally I managed to get it to work, I purchased the domain at 27 jun 2009, and prepared a design to start with, but no enough motivation!
Even with a design it still needs a lot of development to get what I was thinking about.
Being one of the ly team since it came back to Libya, I knew a lot about it. Actually I was one of technical team responsible on the ccTLD in LTT. then left LTT, worked with another company I drifted away from ly, but when I joined Libyan Spider I returned back to the ly stuff, with the great care these guys giving to .ly domain I started feeling and thinking differently about .ly domains.
Here where it came the idea of about.ly: A website about .ly domains in general, news, articles, tools, etc… Actually, it needs a lot of work, and I am kind of lazy when it comes to a personal work! Until I found the great web application Pligg, it was what I was looking for, I submit news links, write a brief about them, people read, vote and share comments.

I started playing around with Pligg since last December, I applied new template, changed some styles, added new modules, I like it now.

I think I’ll add some tools soon to search .ly domains directly from about.ly and linking them to libyanspider.com website to purchase!

have a look at: about.ly, there’s a twitter account for those want to follow latest updates.