Kubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition

In May 2010 I purchased Toshiba NB 305 Netbook, it comes with Windows 7 starter edition.
Well, it was working just fine, light and speedy, until I decided to protect my Windows with AntiVirus and Firewall application, you know, Windows’ eternal companions! That’s where it started to be slow, slow enough to make me frustrated.
Then I decided to install Kubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition since I am already using Kubuntu on my Laptop.
It’s kind of slow, but I think I’ll buy 2 GB RAM to replace the installed 1 GB.
One thing that’s quite interesting so far is the interface, it is optimized for netbooks, and looks great and handy.
It’s updating right now, and I am not sure if it will play my media files smoothly, usually, I install smplayer on Kubuntu.
For those interested, there is Ubuntu Netbook Remix, many of Internet users giving good impression about it. I am a KDE guy, so, not ready for it yet.

Only Linux! no more Windows xD

Today, I re-formated my Toshiba laptop and installed KUbuntu 9.04. I was going to install Fedora 11 but I encountered some issues when I reach Disk Partitioning, and actually I was quite lazy to check the cause.
I’ll stick with kubuntu for while and see!
By the way, tomorrow supposed to be the release day of Microsoft Windows 7. Great OS of course, I hope all success for it. I was using the RC for the past 3 months, and I can tell it has its unique look & feel.
Actually, when I bought my Toshiba it was without OS, which cheaper with 200 LD than the one shipped with Windows Vista, Now, there is no way I go back to Vista, and I have no plans spending more money on the new Windows 7. So I decided to give it a try and have my Laptop with only Linux, something I didn’t try since my first Linux installation back in early 2004.
It’s updating now, and I feel so bored, I tried to play a movie with KMplayer, but nothing playing, I’ll wait until the update finishes and see!
I’ll start looking for an alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, I think it will be Quanta+.
See you next time 😉