Sync Kubuntu to Nokia mobile with bluetooth

That was really impressive, to be able to synchronize my contacts between my Laptop and my mobile phone.

With Nokia PCSuite software image still flying around on my head, I thought that I won’t find something fill the gap for Linux! but actually there was.

I didn’t read too much about it; I just followed some tutorial and everything is up and running. It seems that there is a standard protocol that both Nokia and the software developers follow and made this possible.

First I had some issues with the Bluetooth in my laptop, the kbluetooth icon was gray, and after searching I found that my Laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 has problems with bluetooth support.

A wonderful guy was there to fix it: Linux on Toshiba Satellite Pro U400

Then a Ubuntu Forums HowTo did the job: HOWTO: Sync Evolution with Nokia N95 via Bluetooth on Ubuntu Gutsy

Viva Linux  😉

And by the way, I just bought Nokia N86 8MP, which was the subject of the matter xD

Now when I add contacts into the mobile phone and after clicking Refersh button, I see the contacts in Evolution, and visa-versa.

Xara Xtreme: Another graphics editor for Linux

I found this application while I was searching for graphics application for Linux, I used this back in Windows; it was cool, but it wasn’t free.
I read in the website that the original company made the source code available, that’s where the gurus stepped in and ported it to Linux.
I think it will make perfect tool with GIMP, as many things are missing (or actually I still don’t know about how to do them).
The installation is quite simple, download the package from the download page (I used the latest version), then change the permission of the file to make it executable, finally run the package file and follow the instructions.

The most disappointing issue, that it is not supporting Arabic, when I type in Arabic the letters appear from left to right, where they should appear Right-to-Left. They also (as a result from the first issue) appear as separate letters: In Arabic some letters should be connected to the proceeding letter with a horizontal line.
In General, I think I’ll use Xara Xtreme with GIMP when it is necessary. Until I get grasp of the GIMP.


[Note: they have screen shots, check them 😉 ]

The first discussion session – Linux Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala “My Experience”

Libya Ubuntu LoCoTeam  arranged the first discussion session, to discuss the experience of the attendants for the newely released Ubuntu.

The “Pros and Cons” where discussed, and some points have been highlighted. and many proivde possible solutions to those reported them.

Later, Mohamed Ayad (who arranged the session) gave us a presentation about the new default file system EXT4.

Thanks Mohamad, It was clever idea to add the points mentioned in the discussion session as Forum posts to help people solve them.

It was my pleasure to attend, Hope I see more of such activities in our beloved country, as you promised.

The first announcement (In Arabic)

The Final Report (In Arabic)

Kubuntu: Firefox and Java Plugin

I was trying to open a mobile emulator, which was in fact a JAVA applet, and I found that JAVA plugin wasn’t installed. Following the link from Firefox add-ons website I was redirected to Sun website to downlaod JAVA runtime files.

It was about 19 MB file, after downloading and running it, I couldn’t see JAVA plugin in the installed plugin list, Googling the issue, I found that I have to symlink the plugin file into Firefox plugins directory (not copying it). After try-and -error-ing, the directory turned out to be:


Now it is running 😉

Distro: Linux Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

Gimpshop: a Photoshop alternative

That was really amazing, Gimpshop is a wonderful alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Based on GIMP, the developer renamed and reorganized GIMP’s tools, options, windows, and menus to closely resemble Adobe Photoshop’s menu structure and naming conventions. Many of the menu options and even whole menus were recreated to faithfully reproduce a Photoshop-like experience. After running the GIMPshop hack, you’ll find that Photoshop and the GIMP are strikingly similar.

Check it here

Only Linux! no more Windows xD

Today, I re-formated my Toshiba laptop and installed KUbuntu 9.04. I was going to install Fedora 11 but I encountered some issues when I reach Disk Partitioning, and actually I was quite lazy to check the cause.
I’ll stick with kubuntu for while and see!
By the way, tomorrow supposed to be the release day of Microsoft Windows 7. Great OS of course, I hope all success for it. I was using the RC for the past 3 months, and I can tell it has its unique look & feel.
Actually, when I bought my Toshiba it was without OS, which cheaper with 200 LD than the one shipped with Windows Vista, Now, there is no way I go back to Vista, and I have no plans spending more money on the new Windows 7. So I decided to give it a try and have my Laptop with only Linux, something I didn’t try since my first Linux installation back in early 2004.
It’s updating now, and I feel so bored, I tried to play a movie with KMplayer, but nothing playing, I’ll wait until the update finishes and see!
I’ll start looking for an alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, I think it will be Quanta+.
See you next time 😉