Updated my HTC Desire to Android 2.2

Yesterday spent all night trying to update my HTC Desire phone to the latest Android image available from HTC, it didn’t went as it supposed to be, but it was successful after few tries. They added new features and fixed an issue that frustrated me since I bought my HTC Desire last October.

  • First try: for some reason the Internet was slow, and took long time to download the ~90 MB image, after download finished, I chose to setup update, and after a reboot it shows a green progress bar (nothing written to tell what is going on!), it didn’t finish the third of the progress bar and went red, and rebooted without any message. Fortunately, I heard from a friend before that this might be caused by a low space of the Internal phone storage, I un-installed few apps that taking large space.
  • Second try: repeated the process, re-downloading the update file (it seems the setup deleted the previously downloaded file), and before installing, I copied it to another folder, and installed it, this time it was success.

What’s new here?

  • Well, it is well known for android users that the Android 2.2 added the missed (long waited) feature to install apps to SD Card, by moving installed app (which has to support this feature in first place) to SD card.
  • HTC Desire now can record movies with 720p resolution, which was not included with Android 2.1 image.
  • HTC added the Flaslight app to utilize the camera flash and use it as a light source.
  • Photos and Movies app are now separated into two apps, Gallery app and Movies app, and I think it is great idea.
  • For me however, I longed for this update hoping there will a solution for an issue in the HTC desire user interface. Actually, I bought the Middle East version which supports Arabic, and bundled with a few apps that we need, like Hejri Calendar, Prayer times, and English-Arabic dictionary. The issue was the numbers, Arab countries in the east (Egypt, Sudan, and Middle East), use the Arabic-Indic numerals, while we in the western Arab countries ( Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania) use the Arabic numerals. And whenever a text contains a mixed numbers and alphabetic (English or Arabic) words it shows Arabic-Indic numerals instead of Arabic numerals. Tried installing the MoreLocale 2 app, but without results. I contacted HTC support for instructions to install the Android 2.2 a month ago, they replied that they stopped updating because of an issue reported by Google with the Market app. Yesterday, my friends told me that HTC started updating and I was lucky that they fixed this issue in this version and I am really satisfied with this update.

It is time t download more apps now, since the installation will be in the SD card, viva Android 😉

Wesam Alalem

Web Developer, from Tripoli - Libya.

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