Sync Kubuntu to Nokia mobile with bluetooth

That was really impressive, to be able to synchronize my contacts between my Laptop and my mobile phone.

With Nokia PCSuite software image still flying around on my head, I thought that I won’t find something fill the gap for Linux! but actually there was.

I didn’t read too much about it; I just followed some tutorial and everything is up and running. It seems that there is a standard protocol that both Nokia and the software developers follow and made this possible.

First I had some issues with the Bluetooth in my laptop, the kbluetooth icon was gray, and after searching I found that my Laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 has problems with bluetooth support.

A wonderful guy was there to fix it: Linux on Toshiba Satellite Pro U400

Then a Ubuntu Forums HowTo did the job: HOWTO: Sync Evolution with Nokia N95 via Bluetooth on Ubuntu Gutsy

Viva Linux  😉

And by the way, I just bought Nokia N86 8MP, which was the subject of the matter xD

Now when I add contacts into the mobile phone and after clicking Refersh button, I see the contacts in Evolution, and visa-versa.

Wesam Alalem

Web Developer, from Tripoli - Libya.

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