Xara Xtreme: Another graphics editor for Linux

I found this application while I was searching for graphics application for Linux, I used this back in Windows; it was cool, but it wasn’t free.
I read in the website that the original company made the source code available, that’s where the gurus stepped in and ported it to Linux.
I think it will make perfect tool with GIMP, as many things are missing (or actually I still don’t know about how to do them).
The installation is quite simple, download the package from the download page (I used the latest version), then change the permission of the file to make it executable, finally run the package file and follow the instructions.

The most disappointing issue, that it is not supporting Arabic, when I type in Arabic the letters appear from left to right, where they should appear Right-to-Left. They also (as a result from the first issue) appear as separate letters: In Arabic some letters should be connected to the proceeding letter with a horizontal line.
In General, I think I’ll use Xara Xtreme with GIMP when it is necessary. Until I get grasp of the GIMP.

Website: xaralx.org

[Note: they have screen shots, check them 😉 ]

Wesam Alalem

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