Wesam Alalem

Web Developer / Back-end Developer
At Libyan Spider. Tripoli, Libya.


Hello! My name is Wesam Alalem, and I’m a web developer from Tripoli, Libya. Since starting my career in 2003, I’ve been passionate about creating dynamic and user-friendly websites. I specialize in PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL database to bring ideas to life on the internet. Working at Libyan Spider since 2009 has given me the opportunity to tackle various projects for both the private and public sectors, enhancing my skills and experience in the field.


Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience in several key technologies and frameworks, including:

  • PHP & JavaScript: My foundation in web development, allowing me to build efficient, scalable websites.
  • Vue.js: A dynamic framework for building user interfaces, making web applications smooth and powerful.
  • Laravel: Expertise in creating API backends and management systems with this comprehensive PHP framework.
  • WordPress: Developing custom themes and plugins to enhance website functionality and user experience.
  • System Integration: Seamlessly integrating various software systems to work together efficiently.
  • Remote API Integration: Connecting and utilizing external services and resources in web projects.
  • WHMCS: Creating custom templates and addons for WHMCS, catering to billing and customer management needs.


At Libyan Spider, I’ve had the privilege to work on numerous projects that range from website development to complex integrations for various sectors. Some highlights include:

  • Development of custom management systems for efficient operations.
  • Creation of engaging and responsive websites using Vue.js and Laravel.
  • Integration of remote APIs to extend website functionalities.
  • Building and customizing WordPress sites to meet specific client needs.


For any inquiries please contact me.