plustek OpticSlim 2400+ scanner on MAC OS X

To use plustek OpticSlim 2400+ scanner on Mac OS X:

1- Install VirtualBox


2- Install Windows 7 as a guest OS

If you don’t have a DVD, check this page:

3- Install VirtualBox Extension Pack


4- Enable USB 2.0 For VirtualBox

Open Settings for Win 7 Machine > Ports > USB > check Enable USB Controller and Enable USB 2.0 (ECHI) Controller.

5- Connect Scanner

Start Win 7 Machine, and from Devices Menu > USB Devices > Select the Scanner port

6- Install Drivers

Install Scanner driver on Windows to use Utility Manager to scan documents. Drivers can be found at:

Kubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition

In May 2010 I purchased Toshiba NB 305 Netbook, it comes with Windows 7 starter edition.
Well, it was working just fine, light and speedy, until I decided to protect my Windows with AntiVirus and Firewall application, you know, Windows’ eternal companions! That’s where it started to be slow, slow enough to make me frustrated.
Then I decided to install Kubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition since I am already using Kubuntu on my Laptop.
It’s kind of slow, but I think I’ll buy 2 GB RAM to replace the installed 1 GB.
One thing that’s quite interesting so far is the interface, it is optimized for netbooks, and looks great and handy.
It’s updating right now, and I am not sure if it will play my media files smoothly, usually, I install smplayer on Kubuntu.
For those interested, there is Ubuntu Netbook Remix, many of Internet users giving good impression about it. I am a KDE guy, so, not ready for it yet.

Installing more Arabic fonts on Kubuntu

I was designing a logo for my Arabic website, I checked the fonts and I couldn’t find good font, I searched around and I found that I can search repositories for fonts like this:

#sudo apt-cache search ttf | grep “Arabic”

and I got:

ttf-arabeyes – Arabeyes GPL TrueType Arabic fonts
ttf-kacst – KACST free TrueType Arabic fonts
ttf-kacst-one – TrueType font designed for Arabic language
ttf-sil-scheherazade – smart Unicode font for Arabic

and installed them:

#sudo apt-get install ttf-arabeyes ttf-kacst ttf-kacst-one ttf-sil-scheherazade

And now I can start designing my logo with GIMP with these great fonts! Everything about ly domains

Finally I managed to get it to work, I purchased the domain at 27 jun 2009, and prepared a design to start with, but no enough motivation!
Even with a design it still needs a lot of development to get what I was thinking about.
Being one of the ly team since it came back to Libya, I knew a lot about it. Actually I was one of technical team responsible on the ccTLD in LTT. then left LTT, worked with another company I drifted away from ly, but when I joined Libyan Spider I returned back to the ly stuff, with the great care these guys giving to .ly domain I started feeling and thinking differently about .ly domains.
Here where it came the idea of A website about .ly domains in general, news, articles, tools, etc… Actually, it needs a lot of work, and I am kind of lazy when it comes to a personal work! Until I found the great web application Pligg, it was what I was looking for, I submit news links, write a brief about them, people read, vote and share comments.

I started playing around with Pligg since last December, I applied new template, changed some styles, added new modules, I like it now.

I think I’ll add some tools soon to search .ly domains directly from and linking them to website to purchase!

have a look at:, there’s a twitter account for those want to follow latest updates.

Sync Kubuntu to Nokia mobile with bluetooth

That was really impressive, to be able to synchronize my contacts between my Laptop and my mobile phone.

With Nokia PCSuite software image still flying around on my head, I thought that I won’t find something fill the gap for Linux! but actually there was.

I didn’t read too much about it; I just followed some tutorial and everything is up and running. It seems that there is a standard protocol that both Nokia and the software developers follow and made this possible.

First I had some issues with the Bluetooth in my laptop, the kbluetooth icon was gray, and after searching I found that my Laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 has problems with bluetooth support.

A wonderful guy was there to fix it: Linux on Toshiba Satellite Pro U400

Then a Ubuntu Forums HowTo did the job: HOWTO: Sync Evolution with Nokia N95 via Bluetooth on Ubuntu Gutsy

Viva Linux  ;)

And by the way, I just bought Nokia N86 8MP, which was the subject of the matter xD

Now when I add contacts into the mobile phone and after clicking Refersh button, I see the contacts in Evolution, and visa-versa.

Xara Xtreme: Another graphics editor for Linux

I found this application while I was searching for graphics application for Linux, I used this back in Windows; it was cool, but it wasn’t free.
I read in the website that the original company made the source code available, that’s where the gurus stepped in and ported it to Linux.
I think it will make perfect tool with GIMP, as many things are missing (or actually I still don’t know about how to do them).
The installation is quite simple, download the package from the download page (I used the latest version), then change the permission of the file to make it executable, finally run the package file and follow the instructions.

The most disappointing issue, that it is not supporting Arabic, when I type in Arabic the letters appear from left to right, where they should appear Right-to-Left. They also (as a result from the first issue) appear as separate letters: In Arabic some letters should be connected to the proceeding letter with a horizontal line.
In General, I think I’ll use Xara Xtreme with GIMP when it is necessary. Until I get grasp of the GIMP.


[Note: they have screen shots, check them ;) ]